Since 1969, INDCONSULT has played an active role in the development and growth of the industrial sector of the MENA region & Egypt. Throughout the past decades, INDCONSULT has successfully contributed to the foundation and expansion of several industries from the supply of the smallest quality control equipment up to the largest T-K complex of foodstuff handling & packaging in Egypt & the Middle East.

INDCONSULT represents and co-operates with leading companies for the supply of machinery and complete lines for different industrial sectors such as:

  • Processing & Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry
    • Processing & packaging for the confectionery sector
    • Blending & packaging for the tea & coffee sector
    • Processing & packaging for the dairy sector
    • Processing & packaging for the non-carbonated beverage industry
    • Processing & packaging for the frozen food industry
    • Processing & packaging for the pasta industry
    • Packaging for the oil industry
    • Multi-head weighing solutions for the food industry
  • Packaging
    • Primary packaging (vertical & horizontal bagmakers & complete confectionery packaging solutions)
    • Secondary packaging (case packers & shrink wrappers)
    • Tertiary packaging (palletizing equipment)
    • Quality control equipment and checkweighers
    • Upstream and downstream equipment
    • Plastic Industries
    • Blow moulding machinery
    • Shrink wrapping machinery
    • Extrusion machinery
  • General Industrial Machinery
    • Refrigeration & cooling tunnels
    • Boilers
    • Water treatment plants


INDCONSULT is one the top market players in the foodstuff import & distribution in the Egyptian Market. The main commodities that INDCONSULT deal with are:

  • Wheat
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Rice
  • Oil

In addition, INDCONSULT, in special cases, imports industrial lines and/or machinery from its suppliers and resells them in local currency to its clients.


INDCONSULT inaugurated its agricultural department in 1985 with a solid focus on the importation and distribution of plant growth regulators (PGRs). This has paved the way for INDCONSULT to have a broad agricultural network across the nation.

Presently, INDCONSULT's agricultural department is primarily concerned in:

  • Importation & distribution of fertilizers & PGRs.
  • Supply of complete packing houses for fruit & vegetable exporters & growers.
  • Supply of complete slaughter houses & machinery for poultry producers.